Bernette Forde 

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Bernette Forde was born in Paget, Bermuda. She and a twin are the last of eleven children born to Ivy and Gerald Tucker. Bernette has survived cancer twice in her life and speaks candidly about this in her autobiography, Reasons. Her love for Science Fiction has lead her to the new release book Floaters. Although writing has been her passion for over twenty five years, her first published book was in 2014 by Xlibris Publishing. Her favourite work has been the Nephilim Series. Seventh Angel, Karen's Legacy and Aza's Revenge is a three part trilogy. Seventh Angel published in 2014 and Karen's Legacy and Aza's Revenge due out in 2017. Black Watch Pass is another of her favourite books, based on a small beautiful Island, Bermuda, located in the Atlantic ocean. Bernette Lives in London, England with her husband Michael.'s Biography.

Bernette Forde is a writer and web enthusiast.

Born in Paget, Bermuda, she grew up mostly in Devonshire, Bermuda but moved in various location on the tiny Island. Bernette now resides in London, England with her devoted husband, Michael.

Although she has been writing for over twenty-five years, her first published book was in 2014: Nephilim, The Seventh Angel through Xlibris Publishing.  She has since gone on to write many books, self published and Peoples Publishing House. She has published three novels and has over five books to publish.


Author and two-time cancer survivor Bernette Forde draws from the unexplained happenings in her life, her close calls with death and her belief in a personal guardian angel to tell the story of the “Nephilim” (published by Xlibris UK). Her tale follows the adventures of two sisters who discover that they are actually heavenly protectors sent to Earth on a mission of cosmic importance.