Bernette Forde 

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Black Watch Pass

Olita's dream was to one day visit Bermuda, a beautiful picturesque Island located in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. She has always felt a pull in her heart for traveling there, so when the opportunity arose she booked her ticket and invited all her friends to come along. Taking the bull by the horns, they all jumped on a plane and off they went, to her tropical dream holiday. Unbeknownst to them though, they were about to embark on an adventure that would throw them into the realms of mystery and the privilege that no other would experience in a life time. For they stumbled upon a lost village and it's inhabitants, that was only accessible through The Black Watch Tower. The people of Black Watch Tower longed for the grace of Olita, for they knew it was only her who was capable of saving them but they also knew she would very unlikely ever visit the small Island. They did hold hope that one day, she might visit and release them from their eternal prison. On a daily basis, one member of the village traveled up the mountain to the tower and look out and watched and waited for her appearance. This ritual continued on for years and probably for eternity unless their savior made an appearance. Their hopes were not in vain though as their dreams were about to come true. Olita was on her way!