Bernette Forde 

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Nephilim: The Seventh Angel  -  Revised Edition

Please Note - This edition of The Seventh Angel is a revised edition of the original book published in 2014 by Xlibris Publishing. Although its the same story, this new release is published by Bernette with omitions in some instances that didn't make sense in the first book. 

The sisters were closed to being murdered almost everyday now. Ever since they were little girls, someone wanted them dead. Who is trying to kill them and why? There is about to be major changes in the world, with entities out there that will do anything to stop these changes from occurring. Sharon Lynch is a modern day angel but doesn't yet realize it. Strange things have been happening to her both mentally and physically. People have been trying to kill her. With the help of others, as well as her younger sister, she now realizes whats happening as her legacy comes to light. The girls were determined to carry out Sharon's mission. It was destiny designed by not them, but by a higher power not yet revealed to them.